EMDR Solutions

Robin Shapiro, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.

Trainings and Events


  • Saturday   ~   July 29, 2017
  • Saturday   ~   November 4, 2017

Location: Swedish Medical Center | Glaser Auditorium 
747 Broadway     •    Seattle, WA  98122

Cost: $140 Coalition members | $150 nonmembers  or $160 at the door

Register here through the Washington State Coalition of Mental Health
Professionals and Consumers

  • Risk assessment and etiology
  • Screening and referral
  • Management of suicidal clients 
  • Treatment of underlying issues
  • Treating families and friends of suicides
  • Therapists losing clients to suicide
  • Legal and reporting issues
  • 6 CEUs for Social Workers, Counselors, Psychologists, and MFTs
  • 6 CMEs for MDs and ARNPs


Future events:

  • October 13 & 14, Toronto: Ego State Therapy: With or Without EMDR - Register here
    • You will learn —

    • How to bring forth clients’ most functional selves
    • How to help affect-phobic clients notice, name, and tolerate their emotions
    • Techniques to address attachment deficits and disorders
    • How to help sexual abuse survivors connect to and fulfill healthy adult sexuality
    • How to diagnose and work with Borderline and Narcissistic Personality clients
    • How to recognize and treat highly dissociative clients
    • How to name and work with your own unique ego states


  • October 20 -22, New York City: *Wise Minds - Identifying, Unzipping, and Reassigning "Protector" Parts in Dissociated Clients (click here for more information)
    • *This practical talk shows how to use ego state therapy (and EMDR, if you know it) to work with entrenched and often self-destructive parts that may "protect" clients from uncomfortable (negative or positive) affect, intimacy, or new, positive experiences in their healing process.