Robin Shapiro is known for her clear, accessible, and practical style in writing, teaching, and clinical consultation. She is the author/editor of five books covering multiple modes of clinical treatments. She is in high demand as a consultant, workshop presenter and conference speaker on the issues of healing trauma, dissociation, attachment issues, anxiety, depression, sexual and relationship issues.

A psychotherapist since 1981, she has expertise in EMDR, ego state, somatic, relational, attachment-focused, and many other therapies. She is skilled at synthesizing diverse therapy modalities and explaining how to use them, simply, and often entertainingly, to other therapists. Her passion is helping psychotherapists understand and effectively treat their clients.

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February 14-15, 2021

Easy Ego State Interventions, 2 days, $300, On-line

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Doing Psychotherapy,
A Trauma and Attachment-informed Approach

How to start, do, and complete psychotherapy that is trauma-and attachment-based as well as culturally informed. 

Most books about doing psychotherapy are tied to particular psychotherapeutic practices. Here, seasoned clinician, trainer and consultant Robin Shapiro teaches readers the ins and outs of a trauma- and attachment- informed approach that is not tied to any one model or method. She says, “This book contains everything I wish I would have learned in graduate school.”


Robin provides 1, 2, and 3 day workshops on a multitude of therapeutic interventions and modalities.


Individual and group,
in person and online.

Online Courses

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