If you are interested in learning about the science and practice of psychotherapy with some of the best minds in those disciplines check out The Healing Power of Emotion: Integrating Relationships, Body, and Mind. It’s on the UCLA March 9 (the pre-conference day) and March 10-11 (the conference). Marion Solomon puts these on through the Lifespan Learning Center. This year’s luminaries include Diana Fosha, John Gottman, Daniel Hughes, Sue Johnson, Bob Neborsky, Pat Ogden, Jaak Pensepp, Stephen Porges & Dan Siegel.

You don’t have to choose whom to see. The entire conference happens in one big room with one big stage. The great minds listen to each other. At the end of each day, they gather on stage and talk about what was said. It’s especially fun when they disagree.

My work changes everytime I go. I get new eyes with which to look at my clients and understand about what is happening in their brains and bodies and how best to respond. I’m a better therapist, consultant, and teacher for it. I’m going to all three days this year. If you’re going, send in your money, soon. Sometimes it sells out. If you go, wear layers to take off. The lecture hall gets pretty warm with 1000 therapists in it.