Laurel Parnell’s A Therapist’s Guide to EMDR is essential reading for every EMDR clinician. Parnell’s clear, practical, and comprehensive instructions will assist new EMDR practitioners to master the mechanics and variations of EMDR, and experienced clinicians will find new tools and perspectives to help with thier most difficult cases. Parnell writes about EMDR as it is actually practiced, including blind alleys, course corrections, and necessary adjustments to protocols. She shares complex cases with complex treatments, while continually reminding the reader of the basic underpinnings of good EMDR and therapeutic practice.

That’s what I wrote for the cover blurb. I liked this book. Laurel has an easy conversational tone and says what she actually does, including using mindfulness and meta meditation, skipping the VoC and SUDS (EMDR protocol measurement tools) when expedient, and a great chapter on tools and techniques for processing difficulties. Her other modifications of the Standard Protocol fit the real practice of many good EMDR therapists.  If you do EMDR, especially if you teach EMDR, get this book.