Many psychotherapists are barely computer literate. Some not at all (not even email!!!) A few surf around with ease, a very few. I’m sort of literate, but not adept. Here are a few things I know a bit better than the people who are writing me to ask questions:

  • To subscribe to a blog you need to use a special program, a blog reader. Through this program you copy the links to the blogs that you regularly visit to this program, and when there is new content on that blog, it will show up there. Here is a great link that explains what blog feeds are.
  • Yup, I can make the print bigger. I will from now on. See?
  • Some people say that they haven’t been technically able to comment. I don’t know what’s wrong. I do know that after each comment, you hit post, then another screen comes up on which you have to copy some obscured letters and numbers then enter the result. This gives Typepad the knowledge that you’re not some spamming advertiser or virus spewer, but a real person who has something to say. If your comment doesn’t come up within minutes send me an email and I’ll post what you say.
  • I value your comments. I’d love for this blog to become a forum for other therapy-related ideas. If you like a post, say so. If you want to argue, please do. I’m not looking for "flaming" fights, but as a born extrovert, I’m always looking for engagement. As a learner, I’m always looking for new books, new ideas, and more ways to help clients transform.
  • If you have an idea that I like, I’d allow a guest post. Contact me and we’ll talk.
  • If you love something on the blog, please don’t copy it and send it to people. Instead, give them the blog address,  and tell them to visit the blog. Tell them the date of the entry so that they can find it, especially if it’s not the most current post. Sharing the url is the polite thing to do. Sending the content is sort of like stealing. If you have a friend who is not online, ok, you can copy and print the entry.
  • Here are my statistics, for those of you have asked. To date, 
    Total number of page views: 6437
    Average per day: 39.98
    Last 7 days: 457
    Today since midnight GMT:


About 2000 people looked at it in the week after the attachment conference. UCLA had a link to the blog during that time. Since then it’s held fairly steady at about 400 to 500 a week.

Enough of the geeky stuff. Onto more therapy. The book group will be reading Robert Scaer’s The Trauma Spectrum (Norton, 2005), if you care to read along.