The last book we’re reading before the summer break is The Haunted Self: Structural Dissociation and Treatment of Chronic Traumatization by Onno van der Hart, Ellert Nijenjuis, and Kathy Steele. (Norton, 2006) We’ll meet on June 22 to discuss it and I’ll do my review.

Here are some books we’re considering for next fall and winter:

Trauma and the Body, Ogden, et al.; The Neuroscience of Psychotherapy, Cozolino; Parenting from the Inside Out , Siegel (an easy one, for a break); Mark Dworkin’s book EMDR & the Relational Imperative; Waking the Tiger, Levine and others.

If you know of a book that has helped you do better therapy, please comment and let us know. We’re reading about affect, body/mind therapies, trauma, psychoneurology, attachment, and techniques. Our favorite book, so far: Diana Fosha’s The Transforming Power of Affect.