The Sunday New York Times featured a great article about therapy in the media called Dr. Dippy, Meet Dr. Evil. (click on the title to go to article) Guy Trebay relates that there are three types of movie or TV therapists: Dr. Dippy (Newhart), Dr. Evil (I didn’t watch that movie!), and Dr. Wonderful (Judd Hirsch). He does a great job of discussing the issue. In the article he announces a new HBO show, In Treatment, that follows a fictional shrink through entire sessions with "a pouty anesthesiologist with attachment issues, a Navy pilot suffering from post-Iraq war stress, an aspiring Olympic gymnast given to troublingly incestuous urges, and a married couple. . ." It’s 5 half-hour sessions, one each week night for several weeks. If you’ve got HBO, check it out. I’ll give you my opinion later. Click here for more info.