April Steele has updated her self-published book, and every therapist should have it. You don’t have to know EMDR to use her techniques. Her CD’s are wonderful, too. She’s a treasure, and since she’s "practicing for retirement", she’s no longer teaching workshops. If you want her materials, order them from her. Get the whole toolkit. It’s worth it!

Here’s the blurb:
The Book
Developing a Secure Self: An Attachment-Based Approach to Adult Psychotherapy (2007) presents an approach that evolved out of my search to find a focused way in which to address directly the needs of my clients that are rooted in early insecure attachment relationships – a way that is as direct as EMDR is in processing traumas. This approach has three components:
– an attuned therapeutic relationship seen as being one of attachment
– Imaginal Nurturing – ego state work that includes guided imagery
– emotional skills strengthening
Developing a Secure Self (DSS) creates an attachment-focused context for EMDR trauma processing without compromising the integrity of EMDR protocols.
The 175 pages of this handbook include principles, dozens of clinical examples, sample Imaginal Nurturing scripts and organizational tools. It is in a convenient three-ringed binder so pages can be readily removed for clinical use, personal notes can be added, and pages delineating any further developments in this approach can be added eliminating the need to purchase an up-dated edition.
A table of contents can be seen at http://www.april-steele.ca/handbook.php.
Differences between editions
The first two editions came out in 2004. The changes in the second edition were primarily editorial, making the book more reader-friendly. Both were written for EMDR therapists. The 2007 edition is for all therapists, but maintains the references to EMDR and the section specifically on incorporating Imaginal Nurturing into EMDR trauma work.
In the past few years, I have provided both consultation and therapy for EMDR therapists who have taken my training or read my book. That experience allowed me to bring to the new edition an awareness of what people did not seem to be getting about this approach which is primarily how to weave it through the therapy rather than doing periodic Imaginal Nurturing interventions. Therefore, in this version, there are more examples of how this ego state work is woven into the therapy as a whole.
If you already have an earlier edition… 
there is an 11-page update available for a nominal charge of $5. There is no need to buy the new edition.
Developing a Secure Self Therapeutic Toolkit
The toolkit is comprised of the book and all four Imaginal Nurturing CDs. It provides you with an opportunity to expand the learning from the book to experience Imaginal Nurturing guided imagery yourself. The CDs were developed for clients to use between sessions and can be loaned, given, or sold to them. Information about the CDs including a sound clip is available at http://www.april-steele.ca/tapes.php.
To purchase
Books, CDs, and toolkits can be purchased at  http://www.april-steele.ca/purchase-products.php using PayPal or credit card.