CBS aired a new Sybil on Saturday, starring Jessica Lange as the therapist and Tammy Blanchard as Sybil. It was less fantastic and spooky than the original Joanne Woodward/Sally Field movie, and was a realistic depiction of a poly-fragmented DID person. The movie depicted realistic switching behavior, flashbacks, losing time, and amnesia between parts. It showed recurrent triggering that brought out different parts.The therapist was as competent as she could be, with no training, and fiercely attacked by colleagues for "making a multiple". The movie showed the kind of early abuse that creates DID. My husband kept saying, "How can that happen to a child?" And I kept saying, "I hear this at work, nearly every day."

It was worth watching: the acting was great, the depiction realistic, and the state of therapy pretty bad. Unfortunately, CBS isn't making it available for replay on its website, or I'd provide a link.