I applied to the EMDR International Conference to lead a 3-hour workshop on Treating Depression with EMDR. I wrote four chapters about it in the new book, EMDR Solutions II, for Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance, & More. Instead of a workshop, I was invited to do a poster. I know how to write. I know how to talk. I never had to put four chapters in an understandable form that fills an 8 foot X 4 foot poster and can be seen at 5 yards away. It took about 20 hours, including half-learning a new program (Power Point), formatting nightmares (why did the text size keep changing?), and pruning all my case examples, wit, and nuance from the basic information. It’s still too crowded, but understandable. If you want to see the content of the poster on EMDR and Trauma-Based Depression, Mood-Disorders, and Attachment-Based Depression go here:

Download DepressionPoster-1.pdf

Here are the other chapters. They’re in to Norton, the last laggards have sent in the “artwork” for their charts. And Norton’s copy editor is ready to find 1,000 errors that I missed in 3 edits, and still won’t find them all.

Unit I: TREATING Depression

1.Introduction to Assessment and Treatment of Depression, Robin Shapiro

2.Trauma-Based Depression, Robin Shapiro

3.Endogenous Depression and Mood Disorders, Robin Shapiro

4.“Shame is my Safe Place”: Adaptive Information Processing methods of resolving chronic shame-based depression, Jim Knipe

5.Attachment-Based Depression: Healing the “Hunkered-Down”, Robin Shapiro


6.The Why of Eating Disorders, Andrew Seubert

7.Integrating Eating Disorders Treatment into the Early Phases of the EMDR Protocol, Janis Scholom

8.The Neurobiology of Eating Disorders, Affect Regulation Skills, and EMDR in the Treatment of Eating Disorders, Linda J. Cooke & Celia Grand

9.Treating Bulimia Nervosa with EMDR, DaLene Forester

10.Image is Everything: The EMDR Protocol in the Treatment of Body Dysmorphia and Poor Body Image, DaLene Forester

11.Addressing Retraumatization and Relapse When Using EMDR with Eating Disorder Patients, Janet McGee

12.Desensitizing Desire: Non-Verbal Memory and Body Sensations In the EMDR Treatment of Eating Disorders, Catherine Lidov

13.The Case of Mistaken Identity: Ego States and Eating Disorders, Andrew Seubert & Judy Lightstone


14.EMDR and Performance, David Grand

15.EMDR and Positive Psychology, Ann Marie McKelvey

16.EMDR and Coaching, Ann Marie McKelvey

UNIT IV: Solutions for Complex Trauma

17.EMDR Friendly Preparation Methods for Adults and Children, Katie O’Shea

18.The EMDR Early Trauma Protocol, Katie O’Shea

19.Towards an Embodied Self: Integrating EMDR with Somatic and Ego State Interventions, Sandra Paulsen & Ulrich Lanius

20.Direct Targeting of Intrusive Images: A Tale of Three Soldiers, Elizabeth Massiah

21.Attachment, Affect Tolerance, and Avoidance Targets in Obsessive Compulsive Personality Disorder, Robin Shapiro


22.Clearing Medical Trauma, Robin Shapiro

23.Treating Birth Related Post Traumatic Stress, Katherine Davis

24.Treating Multiple Chemical Sensitivities with EMDR, Robin Shapiro 


25.EMDR With Sex Offenders in Treatment, Ronald J. Ricci & Cheryl Clayton

26.Using EMDR with Religious and Spiritually Attuned clients, Martha S. Jacobi