The EMDR International Association, (EMDRIA) is urging its members to write a letter supporting EMDR treatment for soldiers and veterans. The EMDR Humanitarian Assistance Program has been offering and doing volunteer-run, inexpensive Basic trainings to the military and the VA. EMDR has been accepted by the Department of Defense as one of two effective/allowed treatments.

What's the problem? There is hostility on some of the lower levels of bureaucracy towards EMDR. It's new. It's not what they've always done. And some think that anyone professing PTSD is a weenie slacker. Also, some of the people who have lucrative contracts teaching cognitive behavioral techniques to military and VA clinicians are threatened financially and ideologically by EMDR. HAP trainings are much cheaper then what they're doing for profit. And, according to them, EMDR is either woo-woo bullshit (despite all research) or just another form of exposure therapy.

What can you do? Write a letter to your national senators and congressperson. It's easy, because here's a link to a sample letter and the addresses and how you can do your own if you want to personalize the sample letter:

And here's a link to an article germaine to the letter: Providing EMDR Mental Health Services for the Military” . You can print it and send it with your letter, if you'd like.

This is a worthwhile endeavor. EMDR works with trauma and works with soldiers. I know. I've done sessions with Korean, Vietnam, and both Iraqi war vets.