Yesterday I held my new book in my hands. It's hard for me to make meaning of 14 months of work being encapsulated in a 1 1/2 pound book. As I paged through it, I recalled the process of writing; my appreciation of the content of other people's chapters; editing squabbles; waiting, waiting, waiting for late chapters or late edits to show up in my emails; and my immense relief at each ending. The first ending was when my chapters were complete (EMDR with Depression, with OCPD, with Medical Trauma, with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities.) The next ending was when all the chapters were finally in. The next ending was after the first and second edits, by me then by my writer-mother, when I emailed all the chapters in. And last ending was after the re-editing by writers and then again by me.

One of the perks of editing a compilation is that I get to learn the material, really well. I never read a chapter 4 times before I did these books. There are 7 chapters about eating disorders. I am suddenly well-versed. I knew what to do, and successfully did it, when a fledgling anorexic client walked in the door. I know much more about working with early childhood trauma, performance issues, and targeting intrusive images. And I knew next to nothing about Positive Psychology and Coaching. Now I have a clue!

This book is about 200 pages longer than the last, and has units of related material: 5 chapters on depression, 7 on different aspects of eating disorders from affect tolerance to desensitizing desire, 5 on complex trauma, 3 chapters on Medically Based Trauma, and stand-alone chapters on performance enhancement, coaching, positive psychology, sex offenders, and religion/spiritually attuned clients. It's a better book than Solutions I. More depth, more heft. (Though it's not "bigger", because the pages are thinner.) It's even prettier than #1.

Tomorrow, I'm off to Los Angeles for the UCLA-sponsored Trauma Conference. I want to hear about the cutting edge affect theory heralded in the materials, so that I might jump start my next book: Trauma Treatments Sourcebook. I plan to blog about what I learn at the conference. Stay tuned.

If you're in Seattle mid-April, come to the book signing for book # 2. If you're in Seattle in spring of 2011, come to the signing for #3, if all goes well. I'll let you know the dates, as I know them.

The book comes out at the end of March. It's sold over 800 advance copies. I'm amazed.