There's a new fantasy show on Fox: Mental. It's supposed to take place in an inpatient psych unit.

So, first, the new head of psychiatry strips down in a room full of clients to connect with a psychotic guy who has pulled his clothes off. Later, he breaks into a woman's house in order to check out his hunch that her schizophrenic brother is an artist. And he thinks it's a good idea for his patients to go cold turkey off their antipsychotic medications. And he doesn't lose his contract, immediately.

All the psychiatrists are cute. All the patients are reasonable. The families just don't understand. And the residents and other psychiatrists have endless time to spend with their clients. Oh, and they invented a radical new idea: intensive outpatient day treatment.

I saw bad treatment, silly ideas, and a romanticization of extreme mental illness. I saw nearly every 1960's cliche possible. It's really bad. Except that all the psychiatrists are cute. And the new head of psychiatry looks to be about 32. That would happen, too.