Here is the last paragraph of the Introduction to Trauma Treatments Handbook, Protocols Across the Spectrum. You're seeing it before the publishers do. Before I send it in, do you have anything to add about why we do this work? I'll publish what you write, unless it's spam.


As trauma therapists, we are privileged to use all of our selves to help people heal from deep wounds. We connect deeply, from the heart, all day long. We use our detective brains to puzzle out what is happening with our clients and what do about it. We enjoy helping the grateful single-trauma survivors get quickly back to their lives. We dig deep into our skills while slowly and carefully helping our most dissociative clients into their new, healed selves. We continually learn new skills from the innovators in our field and in innovative collaboration with our clients. We hang out with colleagues who love their work and support ours. Throughout each therapy we are delighted to hear, “I finally know it’s over!” “I feel like ‘me’ again!” “It wasn’t my fault, I was a little kid when that happened.” “I’ve got my body back!” “I can have sex again.” “I didn’t have one nightmare all week!” “Thank you for letting me get completely here and now!” “I’ve got my life back!”