This meditation was generously shared by someone else's client who was neglected and abused as a child. She does it as part of breathing practice: breathing in each true line. In it she speaks to different parts of self and all parts of self, counteracting distressing and untrue beliefs and orienting parts to the present. The changes in type, underlining, etc. are as I received them.

To the writer: I don't know you, but I thank you on behalf of all the therapists who are going to borrow this for their clients who need to learn the same things that you are already learning. Thank you!

Breathing Meditation

1.  I am here now, in my body,

2.  quiet and calm.


3.  It’s OK to know.

4.  It was not my fault, ever;

5.  I had no choice and did nothing wrong.

6.  I was not a bad girl;

7.  I was good.

8.  I am good.

9.  It’s OK to know.

10. It was not her fault, ever;

  [multiple “hers”]

11. she had no choice

  and did nothing wrong.

12. She was not a bad girl;

13. She was good.

14. I am good.

15. It’s OK to know.

16. It is not your fault, ever;

17. you have no choice

  and are doing nothing wrong.

18. You are not bad,

  even though it sometimes feels good.

19. You are good,

  even when it feels good.

20. You are good

  even when it’s confusing

  and you think maybe you like it.

21. You are good

  even when you’re sure you’re bad.

22. You are always good.

23. I am good.

24. There has never been anyone there to help you.

25. You have been so lonely.

26. I see you now.

27. You are not alone anymore.

28. I can help you now.

29. It is OK for both of us to know.

30. It is OK for all of us to know.

31. It is OK for all of you to be known.

32. It is OK for me to know all of you.

33. We did nothing wrong.

34. Bad, confusing things were done to us.

35. I have compassion and tenderness

  for all of myself.