On July 1, 2010, insurance companies in Washington state will have to provide unlimited sessions for psychotherapy clients in most categories. After fruitlessly spending more than 10 hours trying to get Regence Blue Shield to flip an inpatient benefit into outpatient sessions, I remembered the new law. I then called up another part of the company and a nice man explained to me that the client will have unlimited sessions starting July 1.

Don't assume it with every client. Check with the company if you're not sure.I'm sure this means that we Washingtonians will have to be even more scrupulous in record-keeping and diagnoses to prove "medical necessity". Otherwise, Hallelujah!

This came about by the tireless efforts of the Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers http://www.wacoalition.org/ and especially the great work by Laura Groshong our amazing lobbyist. Thank you WS Coalition!  If you are a therapist in Washington State, go to the website and join now. It's a wonderful organization.