A friend of mine was home when her house was broken into last night. She got away, and the cops found the guy and arrested him. She posted the whole story on Facebook this morning. This afternoon, she posted this. I have her permission to repost. Please don't mention her name in the comments.

"Quite a day! I really appreciate everyone's support, it helps so much to feel cared for and connected. Got in a session of EMDR on this morning's incident, which was extremely helpful too. Both to discharge reaction and emotion that hadn't fully hit me yet because i was in "deal with it" mode, and to put the scary parts in context of the whole 'movie' along with "and i wasn't hurt and i'm ok and i handled it well enough, and it's over and extremely unlikely to happen again…". 

To top it off i get to go contra dance tonight. That's going to feel good! After EMDR i am feeling more like i could be ok with sleep tonight, and i would still welcome any prayers, holding in the light, thoughts and intentions for safety, that any of you would like to send my way for the next few nights. Thanks for your caring, friends! Wishing everyone a safe and comfortable evening."

I didn't do this session, but this is why I love EMDR!