I just saw the bio-pic about Brian Wilson's (of the Beach Boys) genius, decline, and fall into the hands of a sociopathic psychiatrist, who became his legal guardian.  It's a good movie and a hard one to watch, especially for a therapist.

Wilson is portrayed as a genius by Paul Dano and John Cusack (at different ages.) We get to see how his obsessive brain honed the music in the studio over take after take, until it perfectly matched the sounds in his brain. We see how the awful physical and emotional abuse he suffered from his father impacted his later life. And how his anxiety disorders, PTSD, drug use, and dissociation drove him crazy, for a time, and made him a docile target for an unscrupulous doctor, who over-medicated, berated, and threatened Wilson into signing over his finances and power of attorney.

Spoiler alert: Love saves the day. Whew!  And the doctor is thrown out of the profession. And if you watch the credits, you'll see the real Brian Wilson playing with his current band, looking healthy, alert, and present.

If you see the movie and have a different diagnosis, I'd love to see it. Here's a trailer for the movie: http://www.loveandmercyfilm.com/