I'm done with writing books, after finishing Easy Ego State Interventions last week, and going to the movies. Here's my favorite movie this week:

Inside Out is a Pixar's delightful film about the inside of 11-year-old Riley's brain. Riley has just been dragged from her beloved Minnesota, house, school, and hockey team by her dad's job change. She's living in an unpacked mess, in a strange house, going to a strange school and very, very sad. The movie shows how Joy, Anger, Disgust, Sadness, and Fear personified by a bunch of great actors organize Riley's experience. The moral of the story is the moral of the therapy I do: "Feel everything!"   When Riley finally has Sadness run the show, she can connect, be soothed, and work through her losses. It's a lovely movie, worth sending every affect-phobic client to. Go yourself. Take the kids. It's Pixar and it's great.

The writers interviewed real brain scientists about emotions and 11-year-old brains. Here's what one of the scientists wrote after seeing the movie: The Science of Inside Out