June 10-11: Easy Ego State Interventions 2 day training
Online/Pacific Time 9am-4:30pm

An Introduction to Ego States: Functional Roles and Developmental States, Trauma/Broken-Attachment Based States, Dissociative States, and the States that Live in Clients and in You.

Using Ego State Therapy with Attachment Issues, Relationships, Sexual Issues, Performance Enhancement, Trauma Recovery, and Working with Dissociative States. Including interventions for calming immune systems, transforming shame, increasing resourcing, and healing personality disorders.

Includes practice, case examples, and case consultation.

Many participants have personal transformation during the practice. Most are using the material as soon as they get back to work.

In her accessible and practical style, Robin Shapiro will teach you how to use ego state therapy to work with a variety of clients and their issues. During the workshop you will learn to distinguish healthy, flexible states from dissociative ones, and to map your own states, from physically-based vagal states to age and role-related states. You’ll learn methods to use embodied ego-state interventions to clear trauma, work with couples, attachment issues, sexual issues with sex-abuse survivors, over-active immune systems and chronic pain, shame, personality disorders, suicidal clients, and dissociative identity disorder. You will learn to track your own states, and you’ll practice many of the interventions. If you do EMDR, you’ll learn when it’s more useful to use EMDR, when to use ego state work, and when and how to use them both. The 3-day format includes ample time for practice, for questions, and for clinical demonstrations. And despite the seriousness of the subject, expect to enjoy the process.

Feedback from one person: “It was full to the brim, well-structured and lots of practices and demonstrations. Everyone loved it. I learned tons and would recommend her wholeheartedly. And I now know myself very differently!”

(If you don’t know EMDR, you can still do Ego State Therapy with your clients. If you do EMDR, I’ll be telling when to throw in the whole protocol, how to use the safe parts, and when, and with whom, to skip EMDR processing, completely.)

$375. 12 CE credit hours & 12 EMDRIA credits. Registration here:

August 19-20: Advanced Easy Ego State Interventions: Lecture and Practicum

We have formulated a new training for graduates of the Easy Ego State Interventions training. Participants from that class responded to a survey about what follow-up they’d like to have. They wanted more demonstrations, more lecture, and more practice. They wanted a review of how to conceptualize dissociation. They wanted to know how I started therapy with new clients and how the planning changed with different levels of dissociation.

This training will include more practice, more demonstrations, more time for questions and some case consultation, and a video of a DID client who has been in and out of therapy for 40 years. I’ll be discussing usage of the Flash Technique and EMDR 2.0, Polyvagal techniques, and books that weren’t available when I started teaching this class. It will include a brief update on the chronic pain/MCS protocol for use with Tinnitus and Long Covid.

This course is intended for clinicians who have taken the Easy Ego State Interventions training. Experienced therapists with equivalent background admitted on a case by case basis. All participants are expected to participate in practicum exercises as part of their attendance commitment, unless they have any specialized circumstances. Please discuss them with organizer ahead of registering.

12 EMDRIA/CE credits for this course. Note: no New York state CE credits available. See here for a comprehensive list of credentials and states that qualify.

Register here

September 19-21: Ego State Approaches for Perinatal Mental Health (with and without EMDR)
Presented by Mara Tesler Stein and Robin Shapiro

This workshop first reviews core concepts in ego-state therapies and in perinatal mental health. Building on that foundation, it guides participants to exploration and understanding of their own ego-states and how they intersect with issues that present with perinatal clients. Then, delving in depth into common perinatal themes, it teaches participants how to integrate case conceptualization and apply ego-state approaches to this work. Finally, it explores specific, complex issues that arise in the perinatal period, applying ego-state approaches. This course utilizes demo, discussion, and personal experiential exercises.

11am-7:30pm Eastern Time

$750. 18 CE credit hours & 18 EMDRIA credits. Registration here.

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