May 17-19: Easy Ego State Interventions

This is a three day program, online only.

Learn from author/teacher Robin Shapiro’s vast clinical experience, engaging and refreshing teaching style, and clever solutions to common clinical challenges!

Participants in this Easy Ego State Interventions training learn how to see clients through the lens of ego state therapy and EMDR and to distinguish healthy, flexible states from dissociative ones. Through lecture, guided experience, case examples, demonstrations, role-plays, and practice they will be able to utilize their awareness of vagal states, body types, and trauma and attachment histories to make accurate diagnoses, plan treatment, clear trauma, heal attachment issues, and enhance relationships with ego state therapy.

The workshop includes content differentiating normal ego states from dissociative states; Stephen Porges’s Polyvagal theory as the basis for many states; how ego state interventions work; the Theory of Structural Dissociation; accessing functional and dysfunctional states; the 2-Hand Interweave technique; a simple trauma protocol with ego states; material on attachment to abusers and working with survivors of sexual abuse to create a healthy sex life; April Steele’s Imaginal Nurturing protocol and healing place interventions if there is a phobia of younger parts; working with relationship issues, including using adult states to pick a good partner; Calming over-active immune systems and chronic pain with EMDR and ego state work; working with personality disorders, including Borderline, and both Exhibitionist and Codependent Narcissists; and several hours on working with Dissociative Disorders including Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID). The DD work includes diagnosis, working within the Theory of Structural Dissociation, many case examples, a review of useful tools, including use of the Dissociative Table, Healing Places, and “Switching” Places. It also speaks to the self-care of therapists who work with this population

10am-5pm Eastern Time

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June 15-16 Easy Ego State Interventions

This is a two day program, online only.

An Introduction to Ego States: Functional Roles and Developmental States, Trauma/Broken-Attachment Based States, Dissociative States, and the States that Live in Clients and You.

Using Ego State Therapy with Attachment Issues, Relationships, Sexual Issues, Performance Enhancement, Trauma Recovery, and Working with Dissociative States. Including interventions for calming immune systems, transforming shame, increasing resourcing, and healing personality disorders. Includes practice, case examples, and case consultation. Many participants have personal transformations during the practice. Most are using the material as soon as they get back to work.

In her accessible and practical style, Robin Shapiro will teach you how to use ego state therapy to work with a variety of clients and their issues. During the workshop you will learn to distinguish healthy, flexible states from dissociative ones, and to map your own states, from physically-based vagal states to age and role-related states. You’ll learn methods to use embodied ego-state interventions to clear trauma, work with couples, attachment issues, sexual issues with sex-abuse survivors, over-active immune systems and chronic pain, shame, personality disorders, suicidal clients, and dissociative identity disorder. You will learn to track your own states, and you’ll practice many of the interventions. If you do EMDR, you’ll learn when it’s more useful to use EMDR, when to use ego state work, and when and how to use them both. The 3-day format includes ample time for practice, for questions, and for clinical demonstrations. And despite the seriousness of the subject, expect to enjoy the process.

Feedback from one person: “It was full to the brim, well-structured, and lots of practices and demonstrations. Everyone loved it. I learned tons and would recommend her wholeheartedly. And I now know myself very differently!”

12 EMDRIA Credits are available for those who have completed an EMDRIA-approved Basic EMDR training. EC Program Approval Number: #00002-34

(If you don’t know EMDR, you can still do Ego State Therapy with your clients. If you do EMDR, I’ll be telling when to throw in the whole protocol, how to use the safe parts, and when, and with whom, to skip EMDR processing, completely.)

The workshop includes training and experiences to:

  • Distinguish Healthy/Flexible and Dissociative Ego States (and map your own)
  • Overview of Ego State Interventions
  • Identify Vagal States
  • Use Embodied Ego State Interventions (includes practice)
  • Clear Trauma (includes practice)
  • Review the Theory of Structural Dissociation
  • For EMDR practitioners, distinguish when EMDR, when EMDR, and when both are the treatments of choice
  • Tools to work with sexual abuse and then bring back healthy current sexuality
  • Work with Attachment Issues, including April Steele’s Building a Secure Self (practice)
  • Couples Therapy
  • Calming Over-Active Immune Systems, Multiple-Chemical Sensitivity (possible demo, if someone has one)
  • Pain Protocol
  • Shame (practice)
  • Resourcing (including installing your own “team”)
  • Healing Personality Disorders
  • Working with Dissociative Identity Disorder

9am-4:30pm Pacific Time

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