September 19-21: Ego State Approaches for Perinatal Mental Health (with and without EMDR)
Presented by Mara Tesler Stein and Robin Shapiro

This workshop first reviews core concepts in ego-state therapies and in perinatal mental health. Building on that foundation, it guides participants to exploration and understanding of their own ego-states and how they intersect with issues that present with perinatal clients. Then, delving in depth into common perinatal themes, it teaches participants how to integrate case conceptualization and apply ego-state approaches to this work. Finally, it explores specific, complex issues that arise in the perinatal period, applying ego-state approaches. This course utilizes demo, discussion, and personal experiential exercises.

11am-7:30pm Eastern Time

$750. 18 CE credit hours & 18 EMDRIA credits. Registration here.

September 30: Healing Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse
9am-4:30pm PDT on Zoom

CE Credit Hours: 6 CEs (Approved for 6 EMDRIA credits: (EC Program Approval: #00002-35 ) | $165

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One out of four American girls and one out of six boys experience some form of sexual abuse, that can range from a one-time fondling to years of being sexually trafficked. The more the abuse, the more likely the client will have Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and other forms of dissociation. This workshop explains the prevalence and effects of sexual abuse on children and the adults that they become.

Participants will be able to assess clients’ abuse histories and the effects, including dissociation, that the abuse has had. They will be able to talk effectively with different kinds of clients about their abuse histories and assess client therapy needs that are consistent with EMDR therapy and Ego State therapy.

Participants will learn strategies to help clients establish a sense of safety in present time, to find freedom from flashbacks, distressing emotions, old sensations, and outdated senses of self in order to live—fully, completely–in the present. Participants will know how to help their clients understand healthy sexuality, teach them how to talk about sex, and navigate a current, happy consensual relationship with a good partner.

Author and dynamic presenter Robin Shapiro will guide clinicians to assess and treat the impact of client sexual abuse histories including dissociation; to establish a sense of present time safety; and to free clients from flashbacks, emotions, old sensations, and outdated senses of self, so they can live in the present, with new potential for healthy sexuality.


With the aid of training materials, participants will be able to:

• List at least 3 keys in the assessment of survivors of sex abuse

• Describe a procedure to assist clients in how to establish a sense of present safety

• Describe an example of setting an appropriate therapeutic goal and providing the means to achieve it

• List at least 3 examples of using EMDR therapy, Ego State therapy, and Somatic therapy to clear the trauma of sexual abuse.

• Describe at least 3 methods to assist clients to work through the feelings of shame, fear, and anger connected to their abuse experiences.

• Describe a method to keep dissociated clients “in the room.”

• Describe characteristics of healthy, consensual, sexual relationships.

• Describe ways to use education and future envisioning (Future Template) to achieve healthy relationships.


• Describing the prevalence, types, and effects of sexual abuse

• Talking to clients about abuse

• Assessment of sexual abuse

• Establishing therapy goals

• Establishing the sense of a safe present

• Choosing trauma interventions

• Starting trauma therapy with appropriate preparation

• Working through all the visual, visceral, and emotional targets

• Helping clients achieve healthy, adult, consensual sexual lives

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Easy Ego State Interventions
Live in Australia this November, 2023
Melbourne 9-11 November
Orange (NSW) 16-18 November

This is Robin’s first visit to Australia and an extraordinary opportunity to spend time with Robin for an intensive 3 day training. Expect these workshops to fill quickly.

Both trainings will be hybrid format, both in-person and online.

Robin Shapiro’s “Easy Ego State Interventions” training is a deep dive into a new way to formulate and respond to your clients. Robin will share an abundance of practical interventions and strategies, that will inevitably strengthen and change the way you work in clinical practice.

Participants will learn to see clients through the lens of Ego State Therapy and EMDR and to distinguish healthy, flexible states from dissociative ones. They will learn to resolve trauma, work with couples, work with sexual issues with abuse survivors, address shame, pain, personality disorders, and dissociative identity disorder – through lecture, practice, and discussion of case examples. The training is appropriate for both EMDR and non-EMDR practitioners. By the end of the training you will know how to:

  • Distinguish between Dissociative and Other Ego States
  • Describe the 3 Polyvagal States.
  • Utilize the 2-Hand Interweave.
  • Utilize a simple ego state intervention for simple trauma.
  • Describe ways to use ego state work in Couples’ Therapy.
  • Describe and apply Jim Knipe’s Shame Protocol.
  • Describe and apply Ego State Work with Borderline and Narcissistic Clients.
  • Describe the 3 stages of work with DID clients, from the Theory of Structural Dissociation.
  • Describe and utilize the Dissociative Table and alternative ways to organize and contain dissociative parts.
  • Describe when it’s safe to do trauma work with DID clients and when to use and not use EMDR.
  • Utilize appropriate trauma strategies with Dissociative Disorder clients, including modified EMDR protocols, modified Life Span Integration, and others.
  • Utilize EMDR and ego state therapy to heal over-active immune systems, chronic pain, Long COVID, and Tinnitus.
  • Utilize ego state therapy with suicidal clients.

The 3-day format includes ample time for practice, questions, clinical demonstrations and real time case consultation. And despite the seriousness of the subject, expect to enjoy the process. Many participants have personal transformation during the practice. Most are using the material as soon as they get back to work.

          “It was full to the brim, well-structured and lots of demonstrations. I learned tons and would recommend her wholeheartedly. And I now know myself very differently!” (participant of Easy Ego State Intervention workshop).

This training will be live-streamed and recorded, and recordings will be made available to all participants for up to 3 months after the event.

In-person attendees will be provided with tea and coffee facilities for all days of the training. Food will not be provided.

Refund policy: Full refund (minus processing fees) up to 30 days before the event.

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