Easy Ego State Intervention Workshops

Dear Readers, Ego state work has been around since before Freud, and in latter years, has been the main stay of many practices. Interventions can range from "How old did you feel when you were yelling at your wife?" to "Let's identify those dissociative states that take over your body." I've been working with this

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The Trauma Spectrum, by Robert Scaer

The Trauma Spectrum by Robert Scaer (2005, W.W. Norton). According to Scaer: A. Trauma is a continuum. B. What you have to endure during moments of helplessness and hopelessness creates a freeze response. It's the frozen, uncompleted actions that make for PTSD. C. These moments can start prenatally (fetuses feel). The medical process of birth

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Chronic Pain

John Koewler asked me for more information about EMDR treatment for chronic pain. First an update, then some information. My heel pain remained at 0-3 on the 11 point pain scale for several weeks. The pain is starting to creep back in, when it shouldn't. There's a particular throbbing that I think is generated in

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Trying Brainspotting for Chronic Pain

I've had plantar's fasciitis, a common foot problem, for 9 months. I've tried accupuncture, stretching, a night splint, a day splint, orthotics, physical therapy, and not walking. My right heel often hurts a fair bit. My left heel hurts a little. If I walk to work and back, a mile each way, for two days

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