The Names of Love

The Names of Love is a hilarious, serious, heart-breaking, heart-warming French movie that I recommend to everyone. It deals with generational PTSD, Holocaust survivors, war survivors, culture, temperament, politics, art, political correctness, and sex as a positive political tool. (Did I say that it was French?) Here's a website: One plot line shows a survivor

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The King’s Speech

Some of the best therapy I've seen on screen is in a great new movie, The King's Speech. Geoffrey Rush plays Lionel Logue, an Australian speech therapist who tackles the debilitating anxiety-driven stammer of Colin Firth's, "Bertie", who become the king of England on the eve of World War II.  The film shows the stifling lives

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Differentiation in a marriage

I posted this piece on my husband, Doug Plummer's blog last September. Re-reading it, I realized that it was all about differentiation. I'm a great fan of David Schnarch and of Ellyn Bader and Pete Pearson, therapists/trainers/writers who specialize in couple's therapy from a differentiation perspective. They all espouse developmental models for relationships and the

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