Waltzing With Bashir

Ari Folman has made a beautiful and devastating movie about trauma, dissociation, and war. As a young Israeli soldier, he was in the 1982 Lebanon war. When a friend came to him with troubling memories of that war, Folman realized that he had no memories about being in Lebanon. A therapist friend told him to

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HBO's new show, In Treatment, after a good start, is beginning to go down the tired road of most TV portrayals of psychotherapy. The therapist is as crazy as his clients, if not more so. He's incapable of handling the attractive narcissistic young woman who has an "erotic transference" with anything close to honesty or

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“In Treatment” & Dr. Dippy, Meet Dr. Evil

The Sunday New York Times featured a great article about therapy in the media called Dr. Dippy, Meet Dr. Evil. (click on the title to go to article) Guy Trebay relates that there are three types of movie or TV therapists: Dr. Dippy (Newhart), Dr. Evil (I didn't watch that movie!), and Dr. Wonderful (Judd

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