Psychiatric Diagnoses: The Epidemic of Mental Illness

The New York Review of Books carried and a scathing and mostly right-on article about the medicalization and over-medication of mental illness by Marcia Angell. It's a review of three books about the history of psych meds, the power of the drug companies, and the minimization of psychotherapy. Read it here.

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Tricare Refuses to Pay for CRT & EMDR for Veterans

National Public Radio wrote and spoke about the "Battle Over the Science" of Tricare not paying for cognitive rehabilitation therapy (CRT) for Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) "despite pressure from Congress and the recommendations of military and civilian experts, the Pentagon’s health plan for troops and many veterans does not to cover” cognitive rehabilitation therapy —

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Washington State Parity Law for Psychotherapy Sessions

On July 1, 2010, insurance companies in Washington state will have to provide unlimited sessions for psychotherapy clients in most categories. After fruitlessly spending more than 10 hours trying to get Regence Blue Shield to flip an inpatient benefit into outpatient sessions, I remembered the new law. I then called up another part of the

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Insurance Company Scam

If you get a phone call from Multiplan asking you to lower your fee with an insurance company in order to get "expedited payment", turn them down. This happened to me and to a colleague of mine. First your insurance company doesn't pay you for sessions that you did. Then Multiplan calls you and says

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