Long Covid is Neurological!

More proof that Long Covid can be a neurological (not psychological!) condition. And this is why my MCS EMDR protocol, available for free at www.emdrsolutions.com/media , works to alleviate it. Psychological Distress Raises Risk of ‘Long COVID’ Jolynn Tumolo 09/29/2022 Preexisting psychological distress is linked with a heightened risk of developing COVID-19-related symptoms that last

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Is it Multiple Chemical or Neurological Sensitivities, or Both?

I recently worked with 2 clients who contacted me to work with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities. Both were sane, intelligent, highly functional people. Both had highly sensitive bodies. One was male, and one female. The female client had been exposed to very toxic smog, years before, then a gas leak in her house, two years ago.

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Multiple Chemical Sensitivities

With my client's permission, here's what I did to clear out Multiple Chemical Sensitivities in 8 sessions: Client: Late 50's, professional, intelligent, a "highly sensitive person" (Elaine Aron), a good connector, with a supportive husband and a circle of good friends. Symptoms: Ears would hurt, throat and tongue swell, face turned red, etc., at the

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