The Frugal Practitioner: How to start or support your private practice in hard times

The Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers put on a workshop for practitioners in Seattle this morning. First, Brian O'Neill, the CEO of Office Ally spoke about his free online billing and practice management services. I've been using Office Ally for billing for 3 years. It's easy, completely confidential and safe, and has

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Check out this great therapy resource. It has forms, great links, directories, and information about client populations. If you do therapy, you'll find something useful on it. I met Ken Eisenberger a few weeks ago at a workshop and he turned me onto his helpful, free website. Check it out at

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Office Ally: Free Online Billing

I updated the links on this 5/12/07, because of Tom Cloyd's helpful comments about incorrect and correct links. Thanks, Tom! Today, I talked to a nice young man, Brandon, at Office Ally. Over the phone, he directed me through many windows of the Office Ally online billing program. After he hung up, I created and

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