Differentiation and Integration in The Big Sick, Fun Home, and Trumpet

    In the last three days I've had the pleasure of watching the fabulous movie, The Big Sick, the incredible musical Fun Home, and reading Trumpet, A Novel. All three are great art. The first two are based on the writers' lives. All are about "coming out", or not, to one's self and one's family and

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Penn State: Was the abuse too horrible to acknowledge?

Here are two similar views of the Penn State child abuse debacle. One from the anonymous humble2humble blog (obviously by a man of faith who understands child abuse): http://humble2humble.blogspot.com/2011_11_01_archive.html. The second is by David Brooks, from yesterday's NYT's: http://www.nytimes.com/2011/11/15/opinion/brooks-lets-all-feel-superior.html Both speak to the commonality of denial and avoidance. Both are great writing. What do you think?

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New Sex Spam, playing on men’s insecurities

Some group is sending me 10 spams each day about penis enlargement and erectile dysfunction. In a few days, I'll be funneling all my email through g-mail to make it stop. In the mean time, I'm musing on the nature of marketing around sexual fears. With women, it's all about the shape of their bodies

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“Tell Me You Love Me”

HBO's new show, "Tell Me You Love Me" premiered this week. It follows 4 couples, 3 of them 20's-40-year-old clients and their 60-year-old therapist Jane Alexander and her husband through their relational and sexual lives. It is the most sexually graphic, though not the most erotic, show I've ever seen on television. The sex is

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