Spirituality and Neuroscience

There was a great series on National Public Radio this week about the neuroscience of spirituality. I'm going to post links to all 5 days. You can read about it and then play the pieces if you want. They're by Barbara Bradley Haggerty and each is 7 to 9 minutes. 1. Is there a God

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Projection: the Underpinning of Political Polarization

I woke up way too early musing on our polarized election. In Washington State, where I live, there are two close races, for governor and for congress. The negative advertising is relentless and fierce. One gubenatorial candidate is backed by the builders' industry, which is pouring millions of dollars into villifying and lying about his

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Jim Marshall on Psychotherapy and Religion

This is from an email sent by Jim Marshall, a great psychotherapist, deep thinker, and good soul: "I was delighted to see that there will be a section in your book on EMDR and Spiritual Issues. Back in 1992, Francine asked me and a clinician from California to lead the EMDR and Spirituality Special Interest

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