How Not to Get Referrals

Mike Langlois explains "How to Get Taken Seriously as a Mental Health Professional" in a mild rant about the uses and misuses of LinkedIn, etc. at I get a referral a day from my website and many consultees from this blog. I tell other therapists, "If you want any clients under 65 years old,

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The Frugal Practitioner: How to start or support your private practice in hard times

The Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers put on a workshop for practitioners in Seattle this morning. First, Brian O'Neill, the CEO of Office Ally spoke about his free online billing and practice management services. I've been using Office Ally for billing for 3 years. It's easy, completely confidential and safe, and has

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Ethics and Technology Workshop

I attended Lisa Erickson's Professional Ethics & Technology workshop today, sponsored by Cascadia Training. Here's what I came away with: SKYPE Skype, the computer phone and video-phone service, is encrypted and hard to break into. If Skype's employees wanted to listen in, they could. But why would they? The picture can freeze, fragment, or lag.

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