Day II: UCLA Attachment Conference Day 2

John Gottman on Meta-EmotionsJohn Gottman is the relationship research guru of the world. He’s studied thousands of couples to find out what makes happy and long-lasting relationships and what makes miserable short-lived ones. Today he talked about research he did with Lynn Katz, starting in 1985 on Meta-Emotions: thoughts and feelings about emotions. They identify

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UCLA Attachment Conference, Day One

I’m at the UCLA/Lifespan Learning Institute’s Attachment Conference. This year it’s called The Healing Power of Emotion: Integrating Relationships, Body, and Mind. Today, about 500, tomorrow and Sunday, about 1000 people will sit in a ballroom while a firehose full of information is directed at us. We will try to swallow all that we can.

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Francine Shapiro replies

I had posted on my last thoughts on a private list and got a reply from Francine Shapiro, the founder and steward of EMDR. It was a bit daunting for me. She's smarter, more well-informed, and the inventor of what I do in much of my working hours. She has given me permission to post

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“Virtual Reality” in tx of PTSD

Check out these links for looking at "Virtual Reality" videos for treatment of war-caused PTSD in soldiers. Virtual Reality? It sounds like old fashioned exposure therapy that teaches dissociation, not healed presence.  There are non-EMDR treatments that work for trauma and don't promote dissociation. All of them, that I know about, share EMDR's

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More “Healing Trauma”

Our book group has just finished Solomon & Siegel's Healing Trauma: attachment, mind, body, and brain. It is one of the most difficult books I've read, and quite rewarding. The first four chapters by Dan Siegel, Hesse/Main et. al, Allan Schore and Bessel van der Kolk speak to research about the interactive nature of attachment/brain

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EMDR with Veterans

Like a Ghost: Using EMDR to revive a traumatized vet's marriage by Nancy Errebo is a wonderful article in the recent Psychotherapy Networker. Click here to read it. The Psychotherapy Networker is my favorite therapy magazine. It's readable, easy to look at, open to many modalities, and full of useful information. I always find at

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I've been using a new diagnostic category, though I haven't seen it in the DSM-IV-R: Hunkered-downedness. Hunkered-down clients are a few inches shorter than their natural heights. They often look younger than their natural age. They can be appeasing. They can be hyper-vigilant. On the other hand, they can be somewhat dissociated. All of them

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Healing Trauma, reading group report

The reading group had its first meeting. We discussed the first four chapters of Healing Trauma: attachment,mind, body, and brain edited by Marion Solomon and Daniel Siegel.(W.W. Norton & Co. 2003) It's a difficult book. Several chapters speak about brain physiology. Several are in "academic speak" in which all sentences must have at least 10

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