It Gets Better

The outpouring of support after the spate LGBT suicides has been amazing. The latest and most moving part is a song by young Broadway performers "It Gets Better". My homeboy, Dan Savage started the project with videos of gay and lesbian adults talking about how they survived harassment and worse and how life got better

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Ethics and Technology Workshop

I attended Lisa Erickson's Professional Ethics & Technology workshop today, sponsored by Cascadia Training. Here's what I came away with: SKYPE Skype, the computer phone and video-phone service, is encrypted and hard to break into. If Skype's employees wanted to listen in, they could. But why would they? The picture can freeze, fragment, or lag.

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Check out this great therapy resource. It has forms, great links, directories, and information about client populations. If you do therapy, you'll find something useful on it. I met Ken Eisenberger a few weeks ago at a workshop and he turned me onto his helpful, free website. Check it out at

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EMDR and Depression poster

I applied to the EMDR International Conference to lead a 3-hour workshop on Treating Depression with EMDR. I wrote four chapters about it in the new book, EMDR Solutions II, for Depression, Eating Disorders, Performance, & More. Instead of a workshop, I was invited to do a poster. I know how to write. I know

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“Virtual Reality” in tx of PTSD

Check out these links for looking at "Virtual Reality" videos for treatment of war-caused PTSD in soldiers. Virtual Reality? It sounds like old fashioned exposure therapy that teaches dissociation, not healed presence.  There are non-EMDR treatments that work for trauma and don't promote dissociation. All of them, that I know about, share EMDR's

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Visual Aids

Here are the visual aids that I use with my clients and consultees. Each of them is hand-printed in magic marker on a 2 by 3 foot piece of drawing paper. I often pull one out for a client, propped up behind me and say nothing about it. Sometimes, I will pick up a page

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