Stalkers: Classification and Treatment

Stephanie Rhys wrote a helpful article about Stalkers on Robert Muller's fantastic Trauma and Attachment Report blog right here:

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Three Articles for Introverts

These articles refute the myths that introverts are anti-social, shy, and wimpy. My resident introvert husband endorses both of them. Carl King's review of The Introvert Advantage (How To Thrive in an Extrovert World), by Marti Laney, Psy.D. called 10 Myths about Introverts. A funnier, snide 2003 Atlantic Article by Johnathon Rauch called Caring For Your Introvert.

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Beautifully written survivor blog

I stumbled on an interesting blog. What makes it unusual is that it's by a man, beautifully written, spiritually and religiously and literarilly informed. The writer deals with themes of shame, humility, power-over, abuse, right speech and right action. He's not sanctimonious at all. He seems to know whereby he speaks. The blog is anonymous.

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The Frugal Practitioner: How to start or support your private practice in hard times

The Washington State Coalition of Mental Health Professionals and Consumers put on a workshop for practitioners in Seattle this morning. First, Brian O'Neill, the CEO of Office Ally spoke about his free online billing and practice management services. I've been using Office Ally for billing for 3 years. It's easy, completely confidential and safe, and has

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Is life more fun without children?

Is life more fun without children? Read this lovely, heart-breaking story from Jennifer Lawler, a mother writing about her experience with her severely brain-damaged child: . I think her answer is, "It doesn't matter."

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MYSHRINK.COM is a fantastic website/blog full of information about therapy, bodymind connection, anxiety, and depression. It has some of the most cogent explainations I've seen. It's a great resource for clients as well as therapists. It's written and overseen by Suzanne LaCombe, a therapist in Vancouver, BC. She writes clearly, has a sense of humor,

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The Neuroscience of Photographers’ Artistic Process

My husband, Doug Plummer, who is a wonderful professional photographer, interviewed me for a podcast about the neuroscience of "being in the zone" of taking good pictures. Given our interests, it's an ongoing discussion. Here's the podcast. It's about 15 minutes long, boiled down from about an hour. If you'd like to visit Doug's blogs

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How to Use this Blog

Many psychotherapists are barely computer literate. Some not at all (not even email!!!) A few surf around with ease, a very few. I'm sort of literate, but not adept. Here are a few things I know a bit better than the people who are writing me to ask questions: To subscribe to a blog you

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