EMDR Mixed Bag

A 6 hour Pre-Recorded Webinar by Robin Shapiro


6 EMDRIA Credit Class that Includes

  1. Therapy during the Pandemic (27 minutes)
    1. Working Online
    2. Anxiety
    3. Grief
    4. Coping
    5. Self-care for therapists
  2. The Two-Hand Interweave with
    1. Emotions
    2. Ego States
    3. Ambivalence or Choices
    4. Fears vs. Realty (Anxiety)
    5. Shame
    6. Adjunct to Popky’s addiction protocol
  3. Anxiety Disorders including OCD, GAD, Panic Attacks
  4. Attachment Therapy
    1. Enhancing attachment with the therapeutic relationship
    2. Ego State work and EMDR’s AIP
    3. Healing Attachment Deficits with the work of April Steele, Jim Knipe, and Maureen Kitchur
    4. Attachment to Abusers
  5. Healing Sexual Abuse, including survivors having current happy relationships and sex lives.
  6. Couples’ issues

Upon purchase, you will receive a video link and password. You will receive a quiz by email, for the EMDRIA credits.