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Treating Multiple Chemical Sensitivity

This video is intended for therapists.

EMDR is a great tool for working with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities, the syndrome in which people have big reactions to odors, chemicals, certain kinds of lights, and some foods. These sensitivities are often a response to one or more truly allergic reactions, then become a nervous system reaction triggered by an increasing number of things. Some people with MCS have to stay home, avoiding many activities and locations that trigger them. Some people develop phobias and panic, after many horrible reactions. I’ve used EMDR, a simple visualization, and polyvagal calming techniques to help about 35 people to completely shed their reactions and get back to normal life. I’ve also used it one time to work with Graft vs. Host Disease. Here’s a 35-minute video on how to do the protocol.
If you use this protocol, could you let me know how it worked for your client? I’m collecting data about this for a journal article.
And someone successfully used this in September, 2021 with the Covid-19 symptom of loss of smell and loss of taste and reported that their client got both back in one session. Aside from EMDR with the illness, she imagined “turning the taste machine back on.” Please let me know if you’ve used the protocol with this symptom.

EMDR and Ego State Therapy with Robin Shapiro

In this interview with Luna Medina-Wolf, Robin Shapiro explains how to integrate EMDR and Ego State Therapy.

Therapy During Covid-19

Robin gives tips for tele-health sessions. current therapy issues, and therapist self-care during this crisis. This video is a portion of a webinar training presented on 3/27/20.

Podcast with Juliet Austin

Robin discusses how she works with clients, and her history as a therapist from over 35 years in practice.

Generational Trauma

A conversation with Robin and Karen Burch, EMDR therapist in Sheffield, England, on the treatment of generational trauma.

The Healing Trauma Podcast with Monique Koven

In this episode Trauma expert and psychotherapist Robin Shapiro, LICSW, author of the book “Easy Ego State Interventions” joins us to talk about ego state work. She offers examples on how to work with different states that may show up and how to help those triggered younger states with adult states

How to Cope With Stress and Find Calm

Italian therapist Giandomenico Bagatin interviews Robin about the Covid-19 crisis. In English and Italian.

Loving Your Parts Daily Meditation

Daily meditation based off of Ego State work by Robin Shapiro, created by Krista Helman.

Easy Ego States Book Description

An introduction by Robin about her 2015 Easy Ego States Interventions book.

Why Therapy Works: A Talk by Robin Shapiro

In this 2010 presentation Robin talks about the stages of trauma therapy and what makes for a good outcome.

Public Exposure TV Show with Guest Robin Shapiro

From a 2011 appearance on the public access television show, Public Exposure. PTSD, Trauma and related complications are the subject of this interview with EMDR expert, Robin Shapiro.

Stress Management: Silencing the Alarm

In this video, therapist Shane Murphy demonstrates the Silencing The Alarm technique that Robin teaches in her workshops. This intervention directly impacts the vagus nerve and can be an effective acute anxiety intervention.