Seattle Area Therapy Referral List

All of these therapists are trained in EMDR. Robin knows them all and thinks that they’re good clinicians, but is not legally responsible for any therapy you receive from them. Robin does not receive any payment for having people on this referral list.

Referral information will be updated regularly and is accurate at time of publication (July 2024). To find a therapist using the EMDR therapist directory, click here.

Nancy Haver – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-257-3863

Dov Wills – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-459-2879 (can work with hearing impaired people, signs)

Ellen Johnson – Bainbridge, WA. Tel: 206-842-0664

D. Michael Coy – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-745-2527

Maryetta Healy – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-745-6014

Suzanne Roberts – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-999-3698

Tyson Bailey – Lynnwood, WA. Tel: 425-931-6450

Angie Fosmark – Federal Way, WA. Tel: 253-256-1485

Danielle Melton – Bellevue, WA. Tel: 425-449-8171
Runs Seeking Safety Groups

Elaine A. Duncan – Bothell, WA. Tel: 425-591-7668
Teens and adults on the autism spectrum, EMDR for trauma, addictions/cravings, grief

Sandi Espiritu – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-818-2425
Traumatic Bereavement – Suicide, Homicide or sudden death, grief, life threatening illness

Katharine (Kathy) Wilmering – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-632-9522 (is also a ARNP and can prescribe)
Adults and Adolescents, sound and energy therapies

Tanya Ruckstuhl-Valenti – N. Seattle, WA. Tel: 206- 375-7690

Helena Cohen – Madison Valley, Tel: 206-390-7177
Migraines, EMDR HAP & R-PEP/G-PEP; CERT Trained

Sandy Tudor – Renton, WA. Tel: 206-914-0426 (cell)
Adults with PTSD – specialty in First Responders

Gail Truitt – Covington, Tel: 253-630-5434
Adults, children and adolescents

Bonnie Chaput – Kirkland – 425-821-5171
Children, couples, crime victims, grief, bereavement, and illness such as cancer

Rik Muroya – Seattle & Vashon Island, WA. Tel: 206-498-1010
Adults, some children, adolescents, couples, families and LBGTQ

Shelley Bartels – Edmonds, WA. Tel: 206-271-9371
EMDR, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist

Judy P. Chang – Wallingford, Tel: 831-238-0416

Sandy Renner – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-484-4142
Adults – EMDR – specialty in spiritual abuse, loss and grief.

Georgia Thomsen – Kirkland, WA. Tel: 425-777-5171
EMDR Therapist-Attachment Focus
Adults & Couples
Mother Loss, Mother-Daughter Issues, Adult Child of Narcissistic Parent (Spouse)

Rachel Levine – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-533-3798
EMDR – adults

Bruce Perham – Seattle, WA. Tel: 206-973-6152
Children, adolescents and adults

Teresa Maples Zuvela – Tacoma, WA. Tel: 253-27-4896
EMDR, Certified Sex Addiction Therapist
Relational betrayal trauma, and Early attachment trauma and repair for adults.

Katie Stickney – Seattle (Capitol Hill) – 206-407-6975

Kathryn Richard – Kirkland – 425-405-7834

Valerie Juergens – Renton – 206-567-7652

Cherylann Brown – West Seattle – 206-420-6146

Meridian Counseling Services – Several EMDR therapists – Kent – 253-499-6133