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Robin Shapiro, M.S.W., L.I.C.S.W.


Psychotherapy Practice

Since 1981, I've been working with adults to assist them to clear trauma, deal with grief, illness, relationship issues, attachment deficits and goal attainment. I help couples enhance communication, sexual passion, and differentiation. I have experience with people of all sexual orientations and many ethnic and cultural backgrounds. As a social worker, I attend to issues of community, ethnicity, class, gender and "outsider" status.

I'm a synthesizer of therapy techniques. I don't believe that any one method holds the key to every problem. Important tools and perspectives in my work include EMDR, Ego State, Cognitive, Object Relations, Energy Psychologies and Movement therapies. Psychotherapy Practice Information, including privacy statement.

Robin is not accepting new psychotherapy clients at this time, and does not keep a waiting list. If you are looking for a therapist, check out her referrals page.

Individual and Group Consultation

I've been running EMDR consultation groups since 1996. My groups usually meet monthly. Participants may present a case, a general topic or specific question. When I return from a conference or read a new book, I may lecture on the new information. Groups meet for one half hour per person. There are up to four people in each group. Each receives half an hour individual EMDRIA consultation credit per group, and group consultation credit, (up to one and a half hours) for the rest. Participants tell me that the groups are safe, supportive, highly informative and often entertaining. Many people stay in them for years.

Consultation is available in-person or by telephone, and outside-of-Seattle groups by Skype or conference call.

EMDR Workshops

I teach EMDR-related workshops including the Two-Hand Interweave, EMDR with Cultural and Generational Issues, Depression, Obsessive-Compulsive Personality Disorders, Medical Issues, Anxiety Disorders, Couples, Complex Trauma and Dissociation. I have presented these workshops at regional and international EMDR International Association conferences and, for many years in, in the Part Two of an EMDR Weekly Class. I teach other topics and workshops on request.

CEUs & EMDRIA Credits via Home Study

EMDR Advance Training and Distance Learning now offers CEUs & EMDRIA Credits through three of Robin Shapiro’s books. For information, click here.